Is your child music mad?
Are they a born performer?
Are they destined to be in the limelight?

If you have answered yes to all of the above then this is the party you want to book!

Our professional party host will kick off the party by playing some popular chart music and have a sing along with the children while getting them to join in my helping to sing along on the mic!

After everybody is warmed up then its time to shine!

Simply come and tell our host what you want to sing and you will be up when its your turn!

If the children are being shy then the host will perform on the karaoke until they pluck up the courage to take center stage or even duet or help them through their performance.

This party package includes:

1 Kids Party Host
Games and prizes
2 wireless microphones
Karaoke Music system

Karaoke Star Party

If you are booking a party and wish to bring in your own cake which you are more than welcome to do, please first read our policy regarding Birthday Cake on our Allergy page.